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Let’s recover our losses!

At many requests we started a forex signal robot project. Although its still in beta stage we invite traders to already join, since the signals are traded in real accounts! This signal robot is for those who have a day job and not the time (nor interest) to check the markets all day.

forex signals results

Check out one of our robot test accounts (LIVE!). Most forex traders know the red color. We started with $500 and were in a loss of $142. The forex signal robot was implemented 15th of October this year. We now will try to recover the loss and moreover hit a $1000 balance within 6 months. Check the live results hereThe point we are trying to make is that you can always recover a loss as long as you stick to your plan.

This EA can be traded in accounts from $2,000

This forex signal robot aims to trade every day where it enters daily around 07.00 am GMT. So do expect some forex signals just before this time.

This EA calculates which direction the market will go just before the European session begins. It uses multiple indicators. After the trading rules are met, we will send each signal in our telegram group, in real time. Its extremely easy to follow and will save you lots of time. By joining the channel you will also receive additional information and updates.

Our Telegram channel is free and we try to send signals that can still be used in time. The whole idea is that traders can close their laptops after entering the trades without having to worry about anything.

How it works:

Each day we send signals between 0700 and 0730 London time. We use the eur.usd and gbp.jpy and gbp.usd pairs. Each signal will have an entry price, SL, TP and trailing stop. Lot size you can determine yourself, since each trade comes with a stop loss. We also send reverse signals which only will be triggered  if the markers are retracing.

You can download a fact sheet here

Follow this strategy for free. Join our telegram group!

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