Forex Robot Reviews January 2019

Best Forex Robot Reviews January 2019

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Best Forex Robot Reviews, unbiased and transparent. This post will be constantly updated to inform you about our forex robots. Topics like draw downs, best settings, new arrivals, big news events will be posted the moment it becomes relevant.

Featured forex robots rankings

Min investment
Monthly Gain
Last month
Live account
1 Piphiker EA $1500 7% 13% 30% Click here Reviews
2 Grid King EA $8000 6% 5% 15% Click here Reviews
3 Grid Hero EA $3000 5% 5.5% 10% Click here Reviews
4 Torque V12 $15000 10% 8% 40% On request On request
5 Night Owl EA $3000 4% 4% 12% Click here Reviews
6 Trend Mystery $2500 4% Not available Reviews

The Piphiker EA crushed the charts in 2018

2018 has been a splendid year for our forex robots. Especially for the Piphiker EA.  This forex robot comes as n0.1 in our best forex robot reviews in 2018. Market conditions were good and the Piphiker EA really took off just before the holidays. Although some AUD pairs experienced the overall score was still very good and clients manages to end up in green again. For all new robot traders this is still the robot to pick. Very easy handling. Piphiker chart


Of course you want to know if this is all true.. But first let me explain what the real secret is of a good preforming forex robot. It’s not just the robot, but moreover the combination of; your forex broker, your pairs, your risk settings and your monitoring. Of course there will always remain the market risk, but the more you reduce the risk the better. For many traders the new year started really bad with a Flash crash mostly concerning the JPY pairs. Many traders switched off their EA over the Christmas period and new year, but unfortunately not all of them. Remember, there is always another day to trade.

The Proof is in the pudding

Piphiker forex robot reviews has shown the best results in 2018 and continues to smash the charts. This forex robot is the number one choice for beginning or experienced forex robot traders. Therefore listed in the best forex robot reviews list.  Trading  several currency pairs simultaneously 24/5, it keeps finding the best trades. What many users like about this expert advisor is that it seems not affected by any increase in broker spreads. Of course results always benefit from low spreads, but numbers like the winning % do not drastically differ. This cannot be said from EAs that use more traditional entry settings. There we’ll see an impact during wider broker spreads.

Check out a few of our live accounts that are using this profitable ea this year and decide for yourself if this is a strategy that you want to trade in your live account. Many consider this the best forex ea in 2018. This year it already made over 150% profit and many clients easily doubled their account size this year. Currently this is the best forex robot for traders who like to trade often and don’t mind to always have open positions.


No 1 in forex robot reviews for a good reason: real account!

To make this EA work properly we recommend to run it on a Virtual Private Server and we can help you with setting it up. The account below is also published on our homepage where the investment goal was to double the account in less than a year.


best forex robot piphiker

How to pick the best currency pairs?

The easy pairs to pick are usually uncorrelated pairs. This gives a lower chance that one pair will directly affect your other currency pairs. Since this EA is not very sensitive for spreads you can also run it on all the major and minor  Our support them is always here to help and assist.

The most popular currency pairs are the AUDNZD, EUR.USD and the EUR,CAD in October.

What margin and leverage should I use?

A high leverage is wanted by almost all traders. Why? I have no idea, since a low leverage also means a lower risk. However for using EAs its sometimes needed to have at least a 1:400 leverage. This allows you to put less money in your trading account. In the Piphikers case its not any different. On a 1:400 leverage it’s common to use a $1,500 per pair. So in a $3K funded account you can easily trade 2 pairs. Bear in mind that a lower leverage results in a higher margin requirement.

Margin and leverage are key factors to keep your account alive and you might want to read more about this topic and why most forex traders lose money. 

What time frame should I use?

The perfect time frame differs from trader to trader. Whereas the inactive trader uses the daily or H4 charts, the day trader will typically use the M15 and M5 chart. For fast trading strategies like grids or scalping system its common to use the one minute time frame. The Piphiker uses the M1 time frame which ensures an active trading strategy. Although this forex robot trades actively it trades approximately 2-3 lots monthly per $3K account.

Which currency pairs does it trade?

This robot can be traded in all currency pairs. However, since this robot is rather new, we offer it now only in the major currency pairs.

Most trades: TorqueV8 EA

This forex robot trades aggressive and is a real machine gun. Its made for $10K+ accounts and can make stunning results. It’s listed it in our best forex robot reviews list, since this EA proofs that agressive EA’s can in fact make good profits for a long time.  Therefore its users know they sometimes need to manage their EA and steer it into the right direction. Below a live trading account that uses this expert advisor for almost a year now. So aggressive does not always mean it’s bad. Each trader should always pick the best forex ea that suits him or her.


torque forex robot chart

Which currency pairs does it trade?

This robot can be traded in all currency pairs and even Gold. As shown the pairs for this account are :AUD.NZD – CHF.JPY – EUR.CHF – EUR.GBP – GBP.USD

Best New EA, Grid Hero

Grid Hero is a fully automated EA that uses a revolutionary Grid algorithm (P.A.M.A.) together with a signature synergy of Price Action trading and an Artificial Instinct Self-Adaptive Processing Unit. Grid Hero was strictly developed, tested and optimized using the “Reversed Sampling” development methodology based on “In-Sample” phase (2012 to 2017) and “Out-Of-Sample” phase (2004 to 2011). It has passed 13 years back test of real tick data and real variable spread (with commission) from 2004 to 2017. It has also passed the Monte Carlo Robustness Test with 2000 simulation runs on trade randomization, as well as the simulated Delayed Slippage Test.


This Grid strategy seems to have found the sweet spot how to run Grids over a long period of time and is our second grid that passes this test. Unfortunately we did not receive any feedback from our clients but I guess this won’t take long. From $5K you can trade this forex robot for free with one of our preferred brokers.

Choosing the best forex robot for you

Many of our clients read this forex robot reviews blog every month to stay informed about performances. Each forex robot has specific trading rules and money management settings. Before choosing a forex robot we always recommend to have a close look to all the types of forex expert advisors and decide which strategy suits you best. At this moment under these market conditions the Piphiker is considered to be the best forex strategy in 2018. But since market conditions change its eminent to always keep an eye on them. Ask our support team for more information in case you are considering to automate you trading. The forex robot reviews published in the robot section are verified and honest.

My forex robot is not working

In case you experiencing some issues with your Expert Advisor, so if your EA does not work, then read a post we wrote about issues and how to fix them yourself.

Which broker should I choose?

A common problem and very time consuming to find a suitable broker with a fair play business model. So what does fair play mean? Simply put, it means that the broker wants you to gain in your trading account. Some years ago many broker were guilty of taking all trades of their clients in their books (B book). Luckily most regulators make it very hard to play foul. Therefore it’s important to make sure your broker is at least regulated. Another tip is to check online on authority websites if brokers have a fast withdrawal policy. To make it a little easier for our clients we already made a prime selection of preferred brokers.

In case you are interested to test one of these forex strategies, sign up today





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