Expert Advisor not working and how to fix it

EXPERT ADVISOR (EA) is not working and how to fix it


Expert advisor not working?  This post I wrote to show you the most common errors by new expert advisor traders. If you still experience problems after reading this article you can contact your EA developers. However most problems can be fixed yourself. For many of our clients this can save a lot of time and will hopefully help them to fix the problem. 

Let see the check list before contacting our support team:

  • Check the correct boxes in your EA properties
  • Allow Autotrading
  • Configure Expert Advisor window
  • Internet connection and MT4 connection with broker server
  • Journal tab in MT4 terminal
  • License key
  • Did you use the correct settings
  • Remove EA and reinstall

Did you check the EA settings?

After you drag and drop your EA file in the chart the following screen pops up:

ea settings

Make sure you tick the boxes as shown. If you are using and Expert Advisor which needs to use a DLL library and you didn’t check this box, you will see an error message in the Expert tab at the bottom of your page. In case you want to backtest an EA, the same settings apply.

Allow autotrading

allow autotrading

Make sure that you enable autotrading as shown in the image.

Configure settings in EA properties windows

Go from top menu to Tools >> Options >> Expert Advisors. There you will see this field:

EA settings

Make sure that the allow autotrading box is ticked. Using some Expert Advisors you might need to tick the DLL import box as well. I will not go in the technicals too deep why your expert is not working by not checking these boxes, but just trust me.

Connection issues

First check if you have an internet connection that works. If you are sure about it you can check the connection with the broker server.

connection tab

As you can see on the image the icon should be green which proofs the MT4 terminal is connected with the brokers server. In case you are running your forex robot on a VPS, check the internet connection of the VPS.

Check expert advisor tab and journal

expert advisor tab

Check if you see any errors after clicking the Experts tab at bottom of your MT4 terminal. Common error codes are;

  • Error code 130 (ERR_INVALID_STOPS): This means your StopLoss or TakeProfit value is not valid. Check them and make sure they are large enough. The actual minimum or maximum value varies from broker to broker.
  • Error code 131 (ERR_INVALID_TRADE_VOLUME): This means your Lot value is not valid.
  • Error code 133 (ERR_TRADE_DISABLED): Autotrading is not enabled in your MT4 platform.

If you see an error number that you do not understand, use the navigator in the Metaeditor.



ea journal

Check the journal tab at the bottom of your MT4 terminal. Here you can also see if there are any errors. Sometimes a small error in the source code can cause errors which will appear in the journal.

License key or account activation

Whenever you purchase an EA most likely the EA developer coded it with some protection. So make sure you entered a correct license key (if there is any) and that your metatrader account number provided by the broker correspondents with the coded file (EA).

Did you use correct inputs?

After you installed the EA on your platform you will have to enter your inputs.

expert advisor inputs

Make sure that the Take profit and stop loss are on levels which the EA understands. For example, if you put there a Stop loss which is too small your expert advisor will not work and give an error code.

Remove EA file and reinstall

In case your expert advisor is not working you can also remove the EA and reinstall it in your terminal

Go with your cursor to the emoji in the top right corner of your chart and right mouse click.

remove expert advisor

After removing the EA reinstall it the way as described above. If all goes well you should see a smiley emoji in the top right corner of your screen.



Still not working?

I am very sorry that your EA is still not working. Most probably you will not be able to fix why your expert advisor is not working. Please contact our support team or your EA developer.

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