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forex vps

A Forex VPS for MT4 is considered to be the most professional way to trade forex. Especially robot traders have no other choice. If you want to automate your trading you should consider to run your metatrader 4 platform on a Virtual Private Server (VPS). As a result a VPS gives you more stability and therefore safety whilst trading. Since there are many suppliers of VPS for MT4 this blog post will inform you about:

  • What is a VPS
  • Security
  • What does it Cost
  • Server location
  • How many MT4 platforms can I run on a VPS

What is a Forex VPS?

A forex VPS is a 3rd party hosted server. There servers are typically located in designated server rooms all over the world. The VPS can be entered by logging in via the cloud. You can do this with any mobile of desktop device.
You can install a metatrader 4 platform on the VPS. This works the same as installing it on your home computer or laptop. By running your MT4 platform on a VPS you can trade any EA day and night without worrying about your connection.

forex vps

This VPS for MT4 is typically uses by forex traders. The VPS is based on windows.

How does a Forex VPS work?

Check out the image below to see how a forex VPS works.

forex VPS diagram

As you can see you do not have a direct access to your mt4 platform, but you will go through the VPS first.

VPS Features

Okay, lets get technical..

A Forex VPS software offers CPU cores, storage space and bandwidth. It basically comes down to how fast this server runs and how much programs you can run simultaneously. These features determine your monthly or annual fees. The faster or more storage, the more you will pay.  You can compare these features with for example a web host where you also pay more if your website is running on a better equipped or faster server.  A VPS provider offers various plans from which you can choose. Feel free to contact us in case you have any questions. Do not think that an expensive VPS provider offers the best quality, since this is not the case.

How do I login a VPS?

You can do this using the Start icon in your windows menu. Just type “remote connection” and you will be asked to fill in the ip address and the password. Once logged in you will see another Windows Desk top which is your VPS.

Step 1.

forex vps login

Step 2.

vps login screen

Is a Forex VPS secure?

For example, have you ever experienced a hardware problem or a power cut or a wifi issue? With a VPS your trading continues and it rarely happens that a VPS is off line (down time). So a VPS ensures that you can make money even while you are asleep.
Your automated trading strategy will perform without any human monitoring and you will probably save money on your power costs.

A VPS is being checked on a regular basis to ensure they are running at the best capacity. The up time usually is above 99%.

What does a VPS cost?

Most importantly, the first thing you need to ask yourself is why you want to use a VPS. Are you a retail trader with a single account then you can opt for a cheap solution. The average price for a reliable VPS is between $10 – $15 monthly. Annual payment will cost less then $100 for 12 months. If you are interested in a reliable VPS host, just contact us.

What is the best server location?

Maybe the most important issue. To decrease latency in your trading it’s important to use a VPS on the same continent as the location of your brokers server. Most brokers use servers that are located in either London or New York. So before deciding ensure that you know where your brokers servers are located. Some traders prefer to pick a VPS just in the building next door. This is mostly done by HFT traders (high frequency traders). For normal usage it’t not a problem to have a VPS based in Germany where the brokers server is located in London.

For the real EA die hards using multiple brokers its recommended to use VPS providers in different locations.

How many MT4 platforms can I run on a single Forex VPS

The most common VPS is a windows based server with the specs as shown on the image above. This VPS we use can handle 2 MT 4 platforms easily and therefore the popular choice. Bear in mind that running too many platforms can cause latency which for many EAs is devastating. So the rule is to run max 2 MT4 platforms per 2GB VPS. In case you want to run more EAs or trading terminals you can easily upgrade your VPS specs. This will cost more.

windows vps

Do brokers offer a free forex vps?

Many broker offer a free VPS once a certain trading volume is reached. They will refund the monthly fee into your trading account so you do not need to worry about the monthly fees. Be aware that this means that the broker wants you to trade. So some traders might want to “over trade” their account a little just to cover these costs.


For all automated trading strategies that run on 24/5 basis, we strongly recommend to use a Forex VPS. Not only will this prevent your account from internet or power issues, but it allows the forex robot to do what it is supposed to do. Since the up time is mostly guaranteed by the VPS provider your trading terminal will probably run smoothly. With your mobile device you can always login to your trading account. To stop the EA from trading you HAVE to login to your VPS to switch it off. So you cannot switch off your expert advisor via your mobile phone.

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